Aquarium de Paris

Expand the world's first Aquarium from the physical realm to the virtual world, establishing it as the first-ever metaverse Aquarium experience.
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Short description:

The Aquarium the Paris was the world's first Aquarium to open its doors to the public back in 1867. It also has the second largest jellyfish collection worldwide and with it a lot of unpublished knowledge about this interesting species. Broken Egg was asked to not only make that knowledge accessible for everyone, but also establish their brand to be the world's first Aquarium in the metaverse.


As part of our collaboration with the Aquarium, we hosted a workshop for the team of biologists, managers, designers and marketeers. In this workshop we educated the team about blockchain technology, NFTs and the metaverse, allowing a creative brainstorm session afterwards about the Aquarium's possibilities in the web3 space. We then further analysed the Aquarium's needs and wishes of the visitors, to deliver a detailed strategy plan. With the Aquarium de Paris wanting to be the first aquarium in the metverse, we decided to launch a NFT collection to create brand awareness and build a strong community that is prepared and excited to join the Aquarium in the metaverse. After the succesful launch of the NFT collection as part of a live event, we continued the strategy towards the launch of the metaverse space.

3D Design : 

In continuous contact with the Aquarium's biologists, our artists carefully 3D modelled all 60 jellyfish species located at the Aquarium by hand. The 3D models are scientifically correct and accurately represent each species and its visual appearences. Additionally, 25 different backgrounds were 3D modeled, that each represent one of the typical natural habitats of these jellyfish. From shipwrecks to waters with different clarity and salinity, the NFTs communicate scientific data in a visually appealing and playful way.

NFT Development : 

The metadata of the NFTs includes different categories, which define the rarity of each NFT. Collaborating with one of our trusted partners, we developed a seamless email and credit card payment system, eliminating the barrier of wallets and crypto currency for NFT purchases.

Event : 

For the NFT collection launch, we organized a private party for 200 invited guests at the "Médusarium" located in the Aquarium de Paris. The highlight of the evening was the mermaid show, for which professional mermaid Claire dived into one of the tanks and entertained the guests, supported by an impressive light show. We ended the night in a festive afterparty at the Aquarium's own club.

Metaverse : 

To establish the Aquarium de Paris as the first Aquarium in the metaverse, we 3D modeled a virtual aquarium space with an entrance area or lobby, a museum that explains the history of the aquarium, an event space, as well as an underwater space accessible for visitors. Being the first aqauarium to ever open its doors, the Aquarium de Paris has a flourishing history that unfortunately cannot be exhibited at the physical location due to lack of space. In the metaverse, however, due to its unlimited space, we were able to dedicate a room to the Aquarium's history, showcasing how Napoléon used to hide his troops in those same caves.The event space offers the opportunity for Q&A sessions and other events of large scale, with a screen surrounding the whole space for mesmerizing underwater visuals. Biologists from all over the world will be able to share and exchange their knowledge here, as well as invite the younger generation to learn about marine preservation.The underwater area is the highlight of the space, offering the possibility to go beyong the glass walls of a physical aquarium and entering the fascinating marine world. Interacting with the jellyfish that can be recognized form the NFT collection and playfully learning about their characteristics.

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